Are You Contributing to the UK’s Illegal Tooth Whitening Industry?

Are You Contributing to the UK’s Illegal Tooth Whitening Industry?
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24, Jul 2017

Single adults leading the growth in UK’s illegal tooth whitening.

The illegal tooth whitening industry has been growing for many years now, and amid efforts from stakeholders within the industry, the fad seems to be growing.

New research has discovered that single adults could be driving an increase in the United Kingdom’s illegal tooth whitening industry. Thousands of single adults have admitted to putting themselves at risk by having the procedure carried out by illegal, untrained and dangerous service providers.

When done incorrectly, tooth whitening can lead to severe chemical burns and the possibility of permanent scarring, tooth loss and, in extreme cases, affect the ability to eat and even to breathe.”

“Tooth whitening is the practice of dentistry and we urge anybody considering getting their teeth whitened to do so, not only correctly but safely too. It may cost more at the dentist, but you are removing yourself from great risk by placing yourself in the hands of a qualified professional.”

Anybody who is not a registered dental professional and is offering tooth whitening treatment using hydrogen peroxide above 0.1 per cent is breaking the law and liable for prosecution.

Every single case raised by the General Dental Council since the rules came into force has resulted in a successful prosecution.

“Ignorance in this case in not a valid excuse; by carrying out these treatments they are breaking the law and will be forced to face the penalties. Fines for carrying out illegal tooth whitening are unlimited so it can have serious financial and professional implications.”

“Many undergo a brief ‘training period’ with an unscrupulous company and then believe they are qualified to carry out the treatment, but this is wrong and can be hugely dangerous to consumers with the providers facing the severe legal consequences”

If this issue is not addressed urgently, dental professionals are going to see a lot of people with damaged enamel and soft tissue who are in a lot of pain both physically and financially.

Rather be safe, than sorry.

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