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About Us

This is no ordinary dental practice, as you will see when you enter a friendly and relaxed environment. A patient recently remarked: “It does not even smell like a dental practice!” Information, after-treatment instructions, appointments and written estimations are provided in a neat and personalised fashion.

“Fabulous dentist with great people. They really care about the end result. White fillings that actually look like a tooth so pretty much invisible! Couldn’t recommend more.” – Neville Ward

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Why choose us

  • Good Practice Award! We are proud to say that our practice is found to be worthy of the BDA Good Practice Award ever since 2012 when we first received it.
  • We are partners in your oral health. You are in safe hands with quality care.
  • We value patients understanding and participating in their treatment planning. Therefore Dr. Tromp spends time explaining the diagnosis and treatment options to each patient. This information is repeated in
  • A personalized letter afterwards with a written cost estimation.
  • We don’t rush through exams, but spend time to customize each treatment plan to suite your specific needs and expectations.
  • We discuss and explain beforehand each treatment plan, allowing ample opportunity for questions about treatment options and provide written cost estimations before you.
  • We make it a comfortable, relaxing and “enjoyable experience” you would change your view on …”going to the Dentist”
  • Once we have treated and restored your dentition and established complete oral health, you would only need your 6 monthly check-up visits with hardly any additional treatment of our advice is carefully followed.
  • Our patients recommend us to their friends and family. Therefore we set aside time in our daily schedule to accommodate new patients, mostly within the first week of there call.
  • We are located just off the High Street. There is ample public parking available just around the corner at the Emery Gate Shopping Centre.
  • We offer a FREE initial consultation to all our new patients.
  • If you need to feel confident that you’ll receive treatment from an experienced dentist, Dr Jannie Tromp will certainly offer you that assurance. Meet Dr Tromp and the team here.


Our friendly and welcoming team on reception will great you with a smile.

Patient Lounge

Patient Lounge

The homely surroundings and friendly staff make a visit to us stress free. We do not have a waiting room. Because our patients rarely wait, we rather refer to this room as our “lounge“.

We strive to be punctual, not wasting your time. However, if arriving earlier than you appointment time, relax in our lounge while reading though any of the wide variety of up to date magazines available.



Our surgery is purpose built and the equipment is state-of-the-art. Patients view all relevant information and images on their own screen at the chair and Digital imaging is used for all x-rays. (No hazardous chemicals and x-ray exposure is minimal)

To give you even more peace of mind: disposable instruments are mostly used. The rest are thoroughly cleaned before sterilisation. Regular audit trials are carried out to ensure sterilising is efficient and there is no opportunity for cross contamination.


Good Practice Award

Receiving the Good Practice Award from The BDA in London.

Please note, we are a Private, Non-NHs dental practice.

For further information or to book an appointment, contact us on 01249 445111 or 01249 655066

63 St. Mary Street, Chippenham,
Wiltshire, SN15 3JF