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Referring Dentists

Dentists, you may be a private dentist who does not provide periodontal treatment or orthodontic services to your patients, or an NHS dentist feeling squeezed by the new fee structure introduced in recent years and unwilling to undertake such complex work. We will gladly look after those patients for you.

We continue to offer periodontal treatment to patients of dental practices around Wiltshire and neighbouring counties, and we also offer full treatment plans for orthodontic problems.

If you wish to refer patients, please phone our reception directly at 01249 445111.

Once we have the patient details we will arrange an appointment for a consultation. We currently offer a free informative consultation to all referred patients.

If there are specific issues needing additional specialised treatment we will contact you so we could work together towards achieving the best outcomes for your patient.

Please contact us if you have any queries.

Dr Jannie Tromp

63 St. Mary Street, Chippenham,
Wiltshire, SN15 3JF