Bring back your smile with dentures! We offer functional and comfortable dentures to fill that gap in your life. With the use of our state-of-the-art technology the digitally guided dentistry can ensure we match your individual desires whilst providing a superior fit. We are dedicated to your well-being. See below some of the testimonials provided by our previous patients, showing our lab technicians are true dental artists!

Full Dentures: Barry

“I have been fortunate with the work I do to have lived and worked in a number of places throughout the World. I have been less fortunate with the health of my teeth over my lifetime and it was often necessary to get dental help in many of the places I found myself.

Looking back it was all too often a case of ‘make do and mend’ with any dental before moving on to my next assignment place. The consequence of this ultimately led to an accumulation of serious dental issues. I needed, not just standard dental help, there is a lot of choice in the market for that. No, I needed someone special, a creative dental genius no less, someone who could envisage a way to make my teeth work again.

I am proud to share with you this testimonial to Doctor Jannie Tromp and his Practice team. It was with great patience and professionalism that Doctor Tromp examined and assessed my urgent dental needs. I was given more than one option to resolve the problems with detailed information explained clearly, any questions I had were answered fully in the beginning and along the way.

The procedure itself was organized and carried out expediently with appointments that suited my own work schedule. Dr Tromp had told me at the beginning of the surgery on my teeth that the option I had chosen would enable him to provide me with teeth that would not only function well but teeth that would allow me confidently to smile again. They do and I can!

My thanks to Dr Tromp for his diligence, patience, and I think unique dental skills. I also thank his supportive team for their professionalism in helping along the way.”

Full Dentures: Patricia

“I hated my teeth and never smiled showing, I was recommended to Dental Health for life in Chippenham and was so pleased I was. The whole experience was good, and a very big thank you to Dr Tromp who has done an amazing job and Ii am no longer embarrassed and can smile with confidence. Dental nurses Lisa and Edwina are lovely, the whole atmosphere is so friendly and relaxed, thank you so much again, it really has changed how I feel about my smile.”

Full Dentures: Celia

“I came to Dr Tromp because my daughter is a patient there and recommended me to come as my bottom teeth were loose. Dr Tromp advised me to have both upper and lower full dentures which I was very apprehensive about first of all. It has been expensive but have to say I am very happy with the outcome and I wish I had it done years ago. I would definitely recommend Dental Health for Life to anyone.”

Full Dentures: John

Full Dentures: Annette

Full Dentures: Geoffrey


“I just wanted to thank you all for the fantastic service I received at your practice. The quality of service and after care is second to none. Once again, thank you for putting the smile back on my face.”

Full Dentures: Christine

full dentures

“I went to St. Mary’s Street Dental Practice after the Dentist I had been going to for many years advised me that I should have a new top full denture and a lower partial denture. The result was a disaster, the top teeth protruded out and made my top lip look as though I had a gum shield, the lowed teeth just didn’t look right, despite my concerns the Dentist just wouldn’t listen to me, saying you would get use to them which subsequently destroyed my confidence and trust in him.

Right at the start Dr. Tromp and his staff made feel welcome and at ease, when I showed him the dentures I could see Dr. Tromp wasn’t impressed and assured me that he could do a better job. Dr. Tromp discussed a treatment plan for the few natural teeth I have left, which was first to clean them before taking any impressions for the dentures. The result of the clean was amazing my teeth had never looked so white and fresh even though they had been cleaned every six months by a Hygienist.

I now have my new dentures and they look good, feel good – an excellent job. Dr. Tromp has restored my confidence and trust in a dentist who cares and listens to his patients. I just wish now I had gone to Dr. Tromp years ago as I may still have had more of my own natural teeth. My sincere thanks; I would certainly recommend Dr. Tromp to anyone.”

*Results shown on this website are all photographs of our own patients taken and placed with their permission . Teeth and smiles are not enhanced with photographic tools. What you see is what you get!

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