Enter Dental Health for Life and straight away you know you’re in the presence of experts, dedicated to providing top rate personal care and excellent service. An in-depth consultation at the outset, including photos and x-rays, gave me the answers I needed. My treatment plan was constructed in a way that prioritised the important stuff, with costs laid out clearly for me to understand but without pressure to proceed. I got to choose the pace of the treatment depending upon my healing capacity and my financial ability, as that was a very real consideration for me and not something for which I had been budgeting.

Dr Tromp is a dental genius and a true gentleman, ably assisted by his lovely dental nurse, Lisa. When you’re lying in the chair, these two seem to communicate without words and you absolutely know you’re in the best hands. Professional, yet so personable and human, all members of this practice including Mrs Tromp help you feel safe, seen, respected and cared for. I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s like being within a nurturing family.

I cannot thank you enough for your care and for giving me hope where I thought there was none. My smile is so much brighter and reaches all the way into my heart. Thank you. (ooh just having a little tear now).

Katherine - February 2022

John Stadnyk

I had a treatment plan in place with Mr Tromp, I found him to be very helpful and clearly explained the procedures to me. I am very happy with the outcome of my dental treatment and wouldn’t hesitate to use him in the future.

John Stadnyk

Fiona Nouri

My first visit to Dental Health For Life followed a long absence from attending any dental practice. I tended to address dental problems as they arose and fortunately this was not too often as my teeth were generally healthy. That said, my crowns were more than 35 years old, and one had a 10 year old hairline crack :). Hence, the time to address my dental needs was overdue and the prospect of neat, healthy teeth meant I was ready to spend time and money to achieve this.

I began scouring the internet and based on their personal reviews decided to visit Dental Health For Life.

I received a truly warm & friendly welcome from Lisa on my first and every future visit.

Dr Tromp took time to understand what was needed (wisdom teeth extractions, braces, mercury fillings replacement) and drew up a plan. Lockdown caused a slight setback but 20 months later my teeth are healthy, my smile is improved & my expectations have been fully met. For anyone looking for a dental practice that always has time for its patients and strives to achieve and please, I recommend Dental Health For Life.

Fi - December 2021

Debbie Kerr

I have been a patient of St Mary Street Dental Practice for a number of years. Dr Tromp is a true perfectionist and an expert in cosmetic dentistry. He has completely transformed my teeth and boosted my confidence no end. The practice is very friendly and welcoming and, always puts their customers at ease.

I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Debbie Kerr - October 2021

Denise Davis

I have never been good at going to the dentist, but at 63 with my back teeth virtually worn back to the gums, I decided to visit Dental health for life. What a fantastic pleasant surprise I had. From the tranquil waiting room to the treatment room nothing was too much trouble. The procedures required and all costings were fully explained to me. No pressure was put on me and all work would be done as and when I wished to proceed. A front tooth chip was repaired giving me back my smile, and I also had new crowns fitted as well as my old fillings replaced.

The work was expertly done by Dr Tromp who is obviously an expert in his profession, his assistant Lisa is so gentle and kind and any anxiety was soon put at ease. I cannot recommend this practice enough. Nothing was too much trouble and I will have no hesitation in revisiting them for any future dental work I require.

Denise Davis - September 2021

kieron borgeat

I have been an anxious patient for 40 years and Dental Heath For Life put me at ease. Having had treatment over the last year they are without doubt the most professional, caring, organised, informative and welcoming practice I have experienced.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Dental Health For Life.

Kieron Borgeat - July 2021

Mr and Mrs Baulf

Mr and Mrs Baulf Testimonial

Andy & Morag Baulf - April 2021

I contacted a local (private) dentist who was recommended to me to check if my five amalgam fillings were leaking. It took weeks before I got an appointment. The dentist said they normally do a test to check leakage but mine were definitely leaking without the need for a test. A treatment plan would be sent to me via email. After many weeks and chasing it up it finally arrived. The plan was two dentists would deal with my treatment, one who I have not even met. I was concerned, as I had been recommended to this practice, it appeared the previous husband and wife dentists had retired and sold up their practice.

I decided to look for another dentist and came across the ‘Dental Health For Life’ practice (albeit a long way from where I lived). I spoke with Lisa, Dental Nurse who was friendly and easy to talk to and offered an early appointment to see Dr Tromp. I had a lot of problems with my teeth from childhood and during early adult life.

At my first appointment Dr Tromp advised me what treatment I would require to remove the fillings, made recommendations for other remedial work that he could carry out to improve my overall appearance. Dr Tromp took time to explain what he treatment he recommended, timescales, costing’s etc. I felt very confident that I was with a good dentist and his team and no hesitation in proceeding.

Dr Tromp removed all amalgam fillings and at the same time, replaced them with temporary white fillings. He was extremely careful regarding the health and safety of both his team and myself during the removal of the amalgam. It was such a relief to be rid of the metal in my mouth. A lot of work was done to my other teeth to build them to prevent food getting trapped between them, also to look good!

I had a bridge replaced by husband’s dentist a year earlier, it wasn’t quite lined up and stood proud and I seldom smiled because of it. Dr Tromp replaced the bridge with such care to match up to the size and colour of my existing teeth. I was so very pleased with the quality of work and very grateful to Dr Tromp for giving me back my smile again.

Dr Tromp was always very professional, caring, a perfectionist never settling for second best. He has a good team with Mrs Tromp as Practice Manager and Lisa as Dental Nurse who were friendly, welcoming and always put you at ease.

I cannot recommend Dr Tromp, and his team enough for the courtesy, patience and professionalism that I received.

Mrs Katy Dyson - February 2021

maria lesniak

I visited Dental Health for life practise after a fall, when I partially knocked out my two front teeth. Dr Tromp reassured me I didn’t need to have my broken teeth removed.

He has done an excellent job of reconstructing my front teeth. Such attention to detail, the colour match is amazing. Dr Tromp is a perfectionist with such skill, he even corrected a very small misalignment in my tooth.

Lisa is lovely, friendly, caring and naturally puts you at ease and with Dr Tromps expertise they make a great team. The dental practise is welcoming, friendly and gives excellent results.

My original smile is back and I can’t stop grinning. Thank you so much.

A delighted Maria Lesniak - May 2021

Mrs S.W

I changed dentists as I was becoming increasingly concerned about the state of my teeth and the standard of care offered. I chose Dr Tromp as my husband had completed a course of treatment and was very satisfied.

On joining the practice, I was given a very thorough assessment and a comprehensive treatment plan which was discussed with me. Beyond the essential treatments were "preferred options" which I could accept or decline.

Two years later, I now have a smile I can be proud of, and I feel confident that my current state of dentition will last many years.

Thank you!

Mrs S.W - April 2021

Julia Hunt

For as long as I can remember, I have had problems with my teeth.

I came to Dental Health for Life because my NHS dentist wanted to remove yet another tooth and explained that any other option would need to be done privately.

During my initial visit with Dr Tromp he assured me that I didn’t need to lose my tooth and that the reason I was always having problems was the fact that my teeth weren’t aligned properly, probably due to teeth that I’d had removed as a child.

I decided then to register with Dental Health for Life and have not looked back!

Dr Tromp did an initial assessment and came up with a detailed plan which included orthodontics, crowns, fillings and wisdom tooth removals.

Although I was nervous about having braces at my age, I could see the bigger picture so decided to go ahead.

It has taken over 2 years of treatment but Dr Tromp has totally transformed my teeth!

I now have the smile that I’ve always wanted, I smile with my mouth open, something that I never did before!

But it really is far more than having great teeth. It has lifted my confidence and taken away any self-conscious feelings that I had about my smile.

A special thank you to Dennis the lab technician who has worked tirelessly to make all my crowns and bridgework look so natural.

The whole team at Dental Health for Life are wonderful and I would recommend them to anyone. Lisa is friendly, caring, dedicated and professional at all times. Dr Tromp has been amazing and I can’t thank him enough. He has been exacting and demanding in his pursuit of perfection, all done with his particular style of South African charm!

Julia Hunt - September 2020

In the past we had always assumed that all dentists were alike, a point of view which inevitably resulted in being registered with the dentist closest to where we happened to be living! In recent years we became aware of the importance of teeth in the overall health of the body and we realised that dentists do differ in their professional approach and the quality of care they provide.

At the beginning of 2020 we both required dental treatment. Nuraini had lost half of a tooth above the gum line. Our dentist advised extraction but we wondered if there was an alternative. Sakib experienced discomfort in one of his teeth which had undergone root canal treatment. It was time to look for a new dentist! We carried out research on the internet, discovered the website of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) and its recommended procedure for replacing amalgam fillings: Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART). We drew up a short list of dentists who had wide experience of dealing with intricate procedures requiring up to date professional knowledge. We eventually registered with Dental Health for Life in Chippenham, over an hour’s drive from our home.

Dr Jannie Tromp and his Team gave us a warm welcome and made us feel at home. Amid the friendly atmosphere of the dental practice the treatment we received was excellent. Firstly, the neglect of the past was rectified: our amalgam fillings were safely removed and replaced with composite fillings while some teeth required restorative procedure. Nuraini’s tooth was saved through surgical crown lengthening technique, topped with a porcelain crown. Sakib’s dead tooth was found to have infection underneath and had to be extracted, immediately followed by the intricate procedure of socket preservation and augmentation requiring Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) treatment. Once the socket has healed it will be possible to insert an implant or, alternatively, to wear a denture.

Before the treatment could be completed the government imposed its lockdown policy in March 2020 and shut down dental practices. Nonetheless, we had the benefit of advice and reassurance during those three long, very long months. As soon as dental practices were allowed to re-open, appointments were made for completion of our dental treatment. Excellent professional service and a genuinely caring approach don’t always come together. It is this combination that is the hallmark of Dental Health for Life.

Sakib and Nuraini Ahmad - 15 July 2020

Valerie Hamilton

I hadn’t been to the dentist for a number of years due to fear. The day came when I had to find a dentist and face my fears. “Dental Health for Life” Chippenham was recommended to me by a friend so I nervously called them. Even on the phone I was shaking as I made my first appointment.

Turning up for my first appointment, Mrs Tromp the practice manager put me at ease straight away assuring me that I would be in good hands.

Dr Tromp and his nurse Lisa were fantastic and looked after me explaining what treatment I would need.

I have now had a few treatments and can walk into the practice hardly nervous at all confident that I’m in safe hands. They are all so kind.

Kind Regards
Valerie Hamilton - February 2020


One day back in August I realised I simply had to get my teeth sorted as I could hardly eat and, without wanting to sound dramatic, was very slowly starving to death. Did some research and liked very much the sound of Dr Tromp's practice.

My situation was completely turned round during the month of September!

From the start I was impressed by the extensive examination and attention to detail. And by the lovely atmosphere generated by Dr Tromp and his team. The appointments are never rushed, which allows time for breaks if you want them, and time to make sure you are properly numbed and settled and relaxed. I was nevertheless still quite nervous on Extraction Day (I had to have quite a few teeth out, and was used to the quick “push and yank” method).

I was lying there thinking 'When are you going to start pulling the so-and-so's out, for goodness' sake?', when Dr Tromp and Lisa patted me on the shoulder and said, "Well done. All over!" I simply couldn't believe it.

I am convinced that this gentle approach, coupled with solid science, contributed greatly to an extremely quick and almost painless recovery period. By the next morning, I was pain-free and up and running, ready to perform some serious chewing - and smiling!"

Kind regards

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