What You Need to Know About the Sugar Bug and Your Child

What You Need to Know About the Sugar Bug and Your Child
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24, Apr 2017

What exactly is a Sugar Bug?

A blue vein visible on the bridge of a baby’s nose is called a “Sugar Bug”, or Kanmushi. In Chinese medicine, it is known that this vein indicates that the child will be very sensitive to sugar. It is considered a “curvy road sign”, that forewarns parents to proceed into the future with caution in order to prevent physical and emotional/behavioral problems from manifesting as the child ages.

What exactly is a Sugar Bug?

Source: babycenter.ca

What makes the Sugar Bug child different from any other child?

As indicated, the Sugar Bug baby, will be sensitive to sugar, and sugar is likely highly addictive for him/her, so the parent should avoid giving too many sweet treats, including fruit. Sugar Bugs are deficient in essential fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins, among other nutrients, and will need a nutrient dense diet and quality probiotics to thrive.

The Sugar Bug has problems sleeping at night, has difficulty with focus, tends toward a trademark “shriek” and screaming, and is prone to being labeled with ADD and ADHD. For emotional health and to avoid behavioral roadblocks, the Sugar Bug will require continuous rhythm, structure and schedule in his/her daily life.

What causes a Sugar Bug?

It is not known exactly what causes a sugar bug, but the author theorizes that in short, it stems from a maternal lack of nutrition, balance and good gut flora at the time of Sugar Bug’s birth.

There is an upside!

The upside is that the advice given for the Sugar Bug is the same exact advice that can benefit EVERY parent and child! Every child deserves as nutrient dense a diet as can be afforded, and as much structure and routine as can be provided.

If you’re reading this and your baby has the telltale blue vein on the bridge of his/her nose, you have an opportunity to be prepared with understanding for your child during the restless nights and irrational shrieks. Or perhaps you become so prepared and proactive that you avoid these experiences altogether.

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