Rapid Relief for Sensitive Teeth

Rapid Relief for Sensitive Teeth
Dental Health for Life
27, Feb 2018

Sensitive teeth is something that many people suffer from; it’s something that can negatively impact our daily lives and affects the way that we consume our favourite foods and drinks.

Anyone who’s experienced sensitive teeth before, is likely to attest that while there are many products on the market, very few of them actually work like they are intended to.

That is, until now.

Introducing: Sensodyne Rapid Relief

Last year, a group of Dental Professionals and members of the media joined the GSK team for a special event to celebrate the launch of the new Sensodyne Rapid Relief toothpaste.

At this event, new clinical data was presented by Professor Nicola West which highlighted the fact that new Sensodyne Rapid Relief offers clinically proven relief for sensitive teeth in just 60 seconds after brushing.

The unique anhydrous formulation with Stannous fluoride and facilitating polymer:

  • Starts working from the first brush
  • Provides clinically proven relief in 60 seconds
  • Provides 64% reduction in dentine hypersensitivity (DH) after 8 weeks of use

At Dental Health for Life, we understand that living with sensitive teeth can be a nightmare. That’s why we provide expert advice on which products to use to assist with the problem.

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