Overcoming Dental Phobia

Overcoming Dental Phobia
Dental Health for Life
09, Jun 2017

For many of us, going to the dentist is a terrifying experience – if you’ve ever been phased by the idea of visiting the dentist, you are suffering from dental phobia. According to a study by the British Dental Association, as many as 25% of dental patients suffer from nervousness before visiting the dentist.

The jury is still out there as to what exactly causes dental phobia – it can be the dentist themselves, a fear of the instruments that are being used, past experienced or even just a simple un-founded fear. Whatever the reasons, dental phobia is a real thing for many people and it is something that we can help with at Dental Health for Life.

Your dental health can be directly linked to your overall health, which is why regular dental appointments are so important. When you come to see Dr. Jannie Tromp, we want it to be a relaxing experience, knowing that you are being looked after and that we only have your best interest at heart.

Regular visits will help you to prevent and avoid any serious dental health concerns.

How Does Dental Health for Life, help with dental phobia?

Because our entire team are caring and understanding toward patients who suffer from dental phobia, we have taken it upon us to train ourselves to use technology and techniques that are designed to help patients who suffer from this condition.

Here are some of the ways in which Dental Health for Life’s staff can assist you:

Minimising Dental Phobia Through Behavioural Techniques

Our team will always do their best to help you with your fear of going to the dentist, but here are some ways in which you can minimise your own anxiety:

  • Make a morning appointment – this way, you won’t have to worry about it the entire day.
  • Set yourself at ease with a free consultation – during the consultation, we will mostly just discuss any issues you may be experiencing. This is when you can ask any questions and get to know our team a little bit better.
  • Need support? Bring a friend or family member along – our family-orientated practice always welcomes new faces.
  • To make sure the dentist does not make you too uncomfortable, agree to give him a certain signal when it is time for you to take a break.
  • Start small – book a dental clean and polish your teeth; this will introduce you to dental procedures, one comfortable step at a time.

There’s no rush at Dental Health for Life – we will give patients with dental anxiety extra time to make sure they are as comfortable as possible.

Minimising Dental Phobia Through Gentle Dentistry Techniques

When we sense a patient might be suffering from dental phobia, we take great care in understanding their concerns on an individual basis. We take the time to talk to each client and act according to their specific needs.

We always make sure we maintain a relaxed atmosphere in the practice, complimenting our gentle approach to dentistry as a whole – we want every patient to feel safe and secure.

The key factor here, is communication – we chat to our clients and talk them through every step of the procedure. This way, the patient can ask us questions and we can set their mind at ease.

If you are ready to get over your dental phobia, please contact us to book a FREE CONSULTATION – Dr. Tromp looks forward to meeting you.

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