Mouth Cancer Awareness – Are You Taking a Gamble With Your Health?

Mouth Cancer Awareness - Are You Taking a Gamble With Your Health?
Dental Health for Life
02, Nov 2018

November is mouth Cancer Action Month and every person reading this, really needs to take notice of the facts at hand.

A recent review on mouth cancer, called The State of Mouth Cancer UK Report, looks at the latest statistics for the disease and it does not make for pretty reading – as a nation, we are continually taking a gamble on our own health.

This report, the first of its kind, includes statistics about new incidences, survival rates, where the disease is likely to appear as well as trends over time.

It also takes a look at the nation’s awareness of the disease and how much people know about the risk factors and the signs and symptoms of mouth cancer.

At Dental Health for Life, we believe that this report will have an important impact on the landscape of mouth cancer in the UK.

Some of the key facts highlighted in the report include:

  • 8 300 Brits-a-year are now given the bad news that they have mouth cancer.
  • The number of cases has grown by 49% in the last ten years and by 135% in the last 20 years.
  • 12% of British adults have not heard of mouth cancers, including 37% of 18-24 year-olds.
  • 21% of us have had family members, friends or co-workers diagnosed with mouth cancer.
  • 75% of us cannot identify the main signs and symptoms of mouth cancer.

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“She (the dentist) took one look in my mouth, the look on her face will stay with me forever. She was horrified.”

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