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Feeling self-conscious and unhappy about your smile?

It can seriously affect how others perceive you, making you appear timid, hesitant, withdrawn, sad and/or even angry. Perhaps you feel unattractive, inadequate and insecure?

Fortunately, advances in smile design allow a growing number of people to benefit from makeovers capable of producing dramatic results.

Dr Tromp carefully applies basic smile design principles, adjusted to each individual’s unique smile characteristics. Below are only a few examples of transformed smiles where, according to their testimonies, these subtle changes had a positive influence on their lives.

Smile line

Draw a line linking the lower margins of the upper front teeth. It should follow the natural curvature of the top margin of the lower lip when smiling. Changes subtle; impact profound.

Ciara was unhappy with the outcome of her previous orthodontic treatment at another practice for 2½ years. The photographs (left side) were taken at the first visit. The uneven smile line with mild crowding of her front teeth was corrected in 11 months using Damon braces. (Read the testimony on the orthodontic page.)


Treated with natural inconspicuous porcelain veneers


Treated with composite, with minimal preparation/destruction of the tooth…”Minimal invasive dentistry”.

Dr. Tromp respects living tissue and always apply minimal removal of tooth structure during preparation, whether for a crown or filling. Too often large amounts of tooth structure is removed by dentists while preparing for veneers to treat a problem such as tooth crowding. Our patients are always informed of the least destructive alternatives such as orthodontic correction. It takes longer but it preserves your precious living tissue which, once removed, can never be replaced.

Mismatched crowns in the aesthetic zone

An attractive smile can be spoiled by a discoloured tooth (After root treatment or an accident) but often replaced by an equally conspicuous crown not matching the shade/colour/shape of the adjacent teeth. Porcelain can and should perfectly blend in with the rest of the dentition.

Minor surgical corrections

Open tooth necks

Teeth appear longer. These teeth can also be rather uncomfortable and even painful at times. A Gum Graft is an ideal solution.

Surgical Gum Re-contouring of the Gum Line

An uneven gum line or “too much” gum tissue causes a tooth to appear short. A cosmetic surgical procedure called “gum lift” and/or “gum re-contouring” is used to correct the problem. It is a simple procedure done under local aesthetic where both gum and supporting bone is gently re-contoured and excess gum and bone tissue removed to expose more of the natural tooth. This procedure can play an important part in revealing the underlying natural beauty of a smile.

*Results shown on this website are all photographs of our own patients taken and placed with their permission . Teeth and smiles are not enhanced with photographic tools. What you see is what you get!

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